FloEFD Expert Training 3 & 6 November 2015

Get the most out of FloEFD with a FloEFD Expert training at our office in Nieuwegein.

FloEFD is well known for its new technologies that it brings to the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) world. This makes FloEFD easy to use with accurate results. But sometimes CFD users have experiences from before FloEFD and don’t use all the features of FloEFD to its fullest because it goes against what they have been taught, or they just don’t know that FloEFD can do this.

Therefore, to help our customers get the most out of FloEFD we are planning a new type of training, the FloEFD Expert training.


– Specifics and special details of the FloEFD technology and the CFD implementation.
– Meshing and controlling the mesh.
– Transient analyses, time step control, beta features.
– User request/custom subjects. During the second day there is time for the participants to work on their own specific topics.

Who should attend

– Users with considerable experience with FloEFD, but who did not have formal training.
– (Future) Users of FloEFD, with experience with other CFD codes.
– Users that want to refresh their knowledge of FloEFD.

Price and registration

– The training will be 990 euro (excl. VAT) per person for the two days, lunch is included.
– Registration is by sending a completed training form to DAudish@hecbv.nl.