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About us

Holland Engineering Consultants, officially called B.V. Ingenieursbureau H.E.C., is specialised in FEM and CFD analysis and delivers customised solutions for your design optimisation problems.
We gained a lot of experience during decades of design optimisation projects for all kinds of industries and giving support for different analysis and simulation software (FEM, CFD, MBD, DEM, Molding).
HEC is also a recognised knowledge centre for design optimisation by simulation.
We now use our long experience (since 2000) using the CFD software FloEFD and

FEM software Creo Simulate, as former distributer for the Benelux, for engineering support, simulation projects and training.

Stay ahead of the competition

As competition is constantly intensifying, companies have to reduce the time to market and material use of their products to stay ahead of the competition. The correct use of simulation tools helps to achieve these goals and save money and time.


FEM consulting

CFD consulting

Training FEM / CFD


Projects examples

The links below show project examples like dynamic, strength, heat and flow analyses for several industries.

Automotive | Equipment building | Offshore | Tank construction and process | Marine | Aerospace | Consumer goods | Energy industry | Construction sector | Other