FloEFD: CFD software for flow and heat transfer simulation

FloEFD is software for analysing fluid and gas flow, heat transfer and radiation. Since the introduction of FloEFD in 2000 we have been distributor for the software in the Benelux (FloEFD-reseller, EFDLab-reseller) and user of the software. Nowadays we still use the software for engineering projects, but also offer training and engineering support to FloEFD users.


Fluid Flow & thermal analysis for engineers

Formule raceauto aerodynamische stromingssimulatie (CFD) in FloEFDWith FloEFD engineers have a standard tool to solve flow and heat transfer problems. FloEFD is the only Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool that is truly embedded in the most used CAD systems (add-in/plug-in). Because of this the model preparation and the variance study (Parametric Study, DOE, goal optimization) is fairly simple.

FloEFD simulation examples:

  • Simulating the heat management and cooling of electronic equipment like, computers and audio devices, by determining convection, heat transfer and radiation.
  • Calculate the most aerodynamic shape of e.g. planes, boats and cars, but also details like manifolds, brake cooling and exhaust systems.
  • Analyse the ventilation inside and air flow outside buildings (wind, pressure). Analyse fire prevention in parking garages.
  • Design hydraulic and pneumatic components, calculate the pressure drop and volume flow rate and optimize their design.
  • Optimise burners, calculate cavitation in impellers. Coupling to 1D system-level models (Flowmaster) for further simulation.

The uses are endless. The FloEFD output consists of a wide range of coloured plots, vector plots, flow lines and section plots, and also many charts, tables, 2D plots to complement your reports. FloEFD also can be coupled to various FEM software.

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