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Select HEC consulting service: FEM analysis | CFD analysis | Design optimisation
Simulations, analysis and calculations are terms often used for analysing a design problem or visualising a process or structural behaviour by means of FEM (Finite Element Method), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) or other numerical methods. Simulation is making a representation of real behaviour and analysis can be seen as dividing a problem in parts that can be solved.

Why simulate?

To be able to predict the behaviour of your product and be able to:

  • improve product performance, functionality and reliability;
  • reduce production and prototype cost;
  • minimise chance of design flaws;
  • save time and money by reducing design lead times and speed up workflow.

Simulation at the right time

The earlier in the design process calculations are carried out, the smaller the chance of having troubles afterwards. For a flow challenge, think of unforeseen high pressure drop or turbulence; for a structural challenge, think of excessive deformations, stresses or strains. That’s why our motto is: the earlier the better!

Insource or outsource?

When a product is complex or the environmental conditions are extreme, many complex simulations can be necessary to determine if the product fulfills all requirements. In these cases it might be necessary to outsource the simulations because the required knowledge is not present in the company. Therefore HEC can apply our knowledge to the customers in several ways.