Training FloEFD / Solidworks Flow Simulation

FloEFD / Solidworks Flow Simulation-software courses we offer are:

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Basic training

This 3-day course contains:

Day 1:

  • Introduction / starting exercise
  • Presentations FloEFD use
  • Lunch
  • Exercise flow and heat transfer with FloEFD
  • Presentations basic theory FloEFD / CFD

Day 2:

  • Presentations FloEFD theory and use
  • Exercise adapted to practical use
  • Lunch
  • Exercise adapted to practical use
  • Starting one’s own project

About two weeks later the third day is organized. This way you’ve had the opportunity to practice and have the possibility to solve possible problems. Also this day you may bring your own projects to start up.

Advanced / Custom Training

Are you experienced in the basics of FloEFD and would you like to extend your knowledge? Topics we can teach in the advanced training are:

  1. Advanced meshing: Real Geometry technology, multi CV cells, solution adaptive refinement. Manual refinement
  2. Radiation modeling, 3 radiation models: DT, DO, MC
  3. Multiphase modeling with FloEFD:
    • Humidity
    • Condensation (and film condensation)
    • Steam
    • Cavitation
    • Particle tracing – Erosion and accumulation
  4. HVAC and the HVAC module
  5. Fire (ventilation)
  6. Advanced module:
    • Combustion
    • Hypersonics
  7. Parametric study and project management
  8. Rotating domains – meshing and convergence
  9. Porous medium with heat transfer

Personal suggestions are welcome.

Update / Refresh training

To get acquainted with new functions in a software update or to refresh your knowledge we offer a special training. The content of this training is determined in consultation with the attendees.